This section is where I will be posting info such as dates I’m booked, almost booked, dates I will be closed, etc..

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  • 12th-19th only a small kennel left

  • 21st-31st only a few kennels available


  • 1st-2nd only a few kennels left

  • 3rd-11th is completely booked

  • one med/large kennel available for the 12th-16th

  • 17th-25th is completely booked

  • one large & 2 small kennels left for the 26th-30th


  • 1st-15th still some kennels left but is booking fast

  • 16th-31st is almost booked


  • 1st-25th still alot of kennels lefts

  • 26th-31st almost booked


1st-5th only a few small kennels left


already have bookings for fall/winter you can book anyday for these months

Just a reminder.. if you call/message me about dates, I DO NOT put your dog on the schedule unless you confirm that you want those dates!!

Please keep in mind that you as the dogs owner will need to supply the food,treats,toys and proof of shot record also feel free to bring whatever else you would like!! The boarding kennel has bowls,cot beds/blankets and treats but people still like to bring their own to make them feel more at home!! Also if your dog needs any medication while being boarding please bring pill pockets or whatever you put their medicine in for them to take easier.
** When bringing their food/treats make sure it’s the same brand they have been on and please do not switch the brand right before boarding because it might cause your dog to have an upset stomach while being boarded!